Soft, elastic, cotton sheets in a variety of colors will round out the whole story, and make your elegant soft baby crib special.

Be brave and bring colors into the crib - it will cheer up both the baby and your mornings.

In our offer, you can find the highest quality jersey sheets that allow full adhesion to mattresses of different sizes and shapes.

You can safely use the sheets from our offer for many years - and for your other children, while maintaining the quality and elasticity of the materials from which they are made, as well as colorfastness.

We can make soft, supple, and cheerful colors of sheets in all dimensions that you wish.

They are offered in dimensions 60 * 12 * 10 or on request.

Waterproof sheets are essential if you want to protect your mattresses from various liquids that can permanently damage the mattresses. Put a waterproof sheet under the cotton sheet and forget about all the worries due to tonight's surprises with the little ones.

Content 100% cotton.

Content of the waterproof sheet: Face 100% cotton, back 100% polyurethane

Shrinkage - up to 3% in length, up to 3% in width

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