KODA7804 kat

Does the baby get to his feet and hit the top edge of the crib with his head or are you tired of your simple ordinary ubiquitous fence?

Our NEW INNOVATIVE fence is the perfect solution for you.

This fence belongs to the line of our INNOVATIVE, playful, unseen, FUN, and HAPPY novelties in the field of children's fences that will awaken all the senses of the child and draw him to bed

In 1 product you have bedding/fence, toys, rattles, rattles, didactic elements - UNIQUE ON THE MARKET !!!

It raises elegance to a new level, completely protects your baby from bumps in the moments of discovering the world over the fence with his feet.

  • You choose the fabric design yourself
  • Possibility of 4D decoration with rattles and rattles
  • Complete impact protection
  • Easy to install and remove for washing
  • Modern, practical, and innovative design
  • Dimensions 60 * 120 * 60 or ON REQUEST
  • Cheerful waking up in a safe and fun environment
  • Innovative pacifier pocket
  • Made in Croatia, EU

We pay special attention to the quality of workmanship and fabrics.

In our offer, you can find the highest quality fabrics made using new technologies that enable the production of bedding of modern design and softness of the fabric while maintaining the quality and elasticity of the materials from which they are made.

As a result, bed linen, sheets, blankets from our offer can be used for many years - and for your next Gold.

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Ogradica ZAŠTITNICA Slonka Pospanka, roza

379,00 kn ~  50,30

PROTECTOR FENCE – Minky fairy tale, pink

479,00 kn ~  63,57

PROTECTION FENCE, Elephant balloon, blue

379,00 kn ~  50,30

PROTECTION FENCE Elephant bubble, pink

379,00 kn ~  50,30399,00 kn ~  52,96

PROTECTION fence with 4D whispers-Veseli Leptirić, stripes

579,00 kn ~  76,85

PROTECTION fence with 4D whistles Veseli Leptirić, blue

650,00 kn ~  86,27

PROTECTION fence with 4D nozzles – Cars BI-BI, stripes

579,00 kn ~  76,85

PROTECTION fence with 4D nozzles – Car BI-BI, blue

479,00 kn ~  63,57499,00 kn ~  66,23

FENCE PROTECTION with 4D whistles Flower enigma

Fence PROTECTION with 4D with dinosaurs

379,00 kn ~  50,30

FENCE PROTECTOR Slonko Pospanko, blue

500,00 kn ~  66,36

Fence PROTECTION Fluttering bugs

379,00 kn ~  50,30