Dekica 2 u1 Minky bajka KODA3486 1

You want to be practical and still have the best and softest crib for your little one.

Then you need our cotton-Minky bedding

Design your own combinations .--- !!!

With this constantly changing weather, have this bedding on hand to make it easier to put your little ones to bed, just turn which side is good for that night, warmer Minky or cooler cotton, with or without duvets.

The beautiful soft fabric allows for a variant of bedding and blankets, and when you turn the Minky side it turns into the softest crib you can imagine.

One side of the soft Minky bubbles, while the other is 100% cotton, so you can turn the bedding to the side that suits the weather that night. You can even change sides through the night without getting out of bed. The only 3 in 1 bedding in Croatia

- Optimal baby temperature all night

- Easy to install and remove for washing

- Modern and playful design

- Cheerful waking up in a safe and fun environment

- Bedding / toy / protection / tenderness

- Dimensions: width 70 cm, height 100 cm, or ON REQUEST

- Made in Croatia, EU

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