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PURPOSE protective sponges are a simple item that saves us from stress and fear for the child due to blows to the child's head, as well as a visit to the doctor for injuries.

It will also serve you well from the earliest age of a newborn to the later age of babies who enjoy jumping and playing in their room, and you are calm because you know they are safe.

Its soft, yet firm thick sponge allows unlimited application:

  • As a protective fence on top of a classic fence that has no upper edge protection
  • When you lower the bed mattress (from a 6-month-old baby), the old fence becomes too short
  • As a pillow - a headrest for parents when feeding and comforting the baby at night
  • To protect the thin and sharp edges of tables/chests of drawers for a baby who is starting to walk
  • As protection on the edges of protective fences that prevent falling from the bed of an older child who sleeps alone
  • As protection of various objects in the playroom
  • They are decorative and add color to children’s rooms

Our decorative all-purpose protective sponges come in 2 sizes: 70 * 20cm and 120 * 20 cm maximum - smaller dimensions can be made from these sizes, according to your needs and at your request.

They are also available in several colors, so you choose the combinations yourself.

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