About us

We are a small happy family that wants to cheer up your families with our NEW products, and we are inspired by our Miracles Fran and Jan, who whispered an idea and inspiration to us on sleepless nights.

Collection of products for moms and babies – Baby sleep igloo offers INNOVATIVE and PRACTICAL products that in a fun way help to stay as comfortable as possible with the baby and facilitate the baby’s sleep routine and make your days and nights unforgettable and pleasing to the eye.

The products are INNOVATIVE, playful, unseen, fun and cheerful EQUIPMENT for crib, toys, friends and comfort for a small baby, novelties of children’s supplies that will awaken all the senses of the child and draw him to bed.

In product development, we pay special attention to the safety of children, their development and the need to learn through play, as well as the practical way of using them for parents.

Our motif is BEAUTIFUL, PRACTICAL, FUN AND COMFORTABLE. Happy and sleepy toddlers will develop into healthy children and reduce parental care through the night.
Therefore, we can make all our products in the dimensions according to your wishes.

With joy and respect,

Baby sleep igloo team