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our catalog!
Collection of products for moms and babies.
BUMPER And not just
a simple bumper
She is innovative, fun and unseen,
will awaken all the senses of the child
IN ARRIVAL ... Good night for you
and your baby!
Baby sleep igloo is our most innovative and fun
product to ensure a comfortable and good sleep!
Dekica 2u1 Minky bajka KODA2991 1 BLANKETS Collection
of happy blankets.
Happy and sleepy little ones will
develop into healthy children.
BEDDING Merry adventure
various samples.
We leave you the choice to define
your irresistible combination of bedding!
SHAPES BUMPER Elephant candy
sweet as candy.
NEW He will guard, defend and protect your little Miracle in the crib
and will not allow anyone to spoil his peaceful dreams.
Ogradica ZASTITNICA Minky bajka KODA8007 PROTECTION BUMPER Fun novelties
children's fences!
Original protected curved design is intended
for children for complete protection against impacts ...
4D Suskavi leptirko KODA7952 babysleepigloo.hr 4D WHISTLER It's getting happier
with our whispers !!!
Original 4D velcro ornaments added to the bumper.
rattle and rustle entertaining the baby in a fun game.
IMG 20201109 124012 DECORATIVE PILLOWS Fun novelties
children's pillows!
It will bring a special charm and dimension of
irresistible design to your baby's corner.
BEDDING Natural composition
cotton with elastane.
Soft, pliable and stretchy, soft colors,
we can make in all dimensions of children's mattresses ...
ORGANISERS Get organized
night and day!
And why not make everything practical and close
and while you wake up a hundred times a night?
Assemble your own design ...
New collection

We are inspired by our two little Miracles

We are a small happy family that wants to delight your families with our new products for moms and babies.
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News from our catalog

You have no idea for gifts for newcomers to your immediate and extended families, and you want to spend money wisely and usefully? Our products are exactly what you need!
Innovative and cheerful with the best quality

Unseen and playful novelties of children's necessities

Crib equipment, toys, friends and comfort for the little baby, novelties of baby supplies that will awaken all the child's senses and draw him to bed.

1. Everything for babies

When the baby feels comfortable in his little colorful world he will prolong the moments of his sleep and your peace.

2. Play and merriment

And when he wakes up, our 3D and 4D fences and bedding, and blankets become the baby’s best friend, toy, and fun.

Baby sleep igloo

3. Our products

In a fun way, they help make the stay with the baby as pleasant as possible and make the baby’s sleeping routine easier.

4. Practically

We pay attention to the safety, development and need of children to learn through play as well as the practical way of use for parents.

Check out the songs and news

Bunny Bubi is doing his best to keep the baby calm and happy!

What is a beautiful and comfortable crib without someone to hug and comfort our little gold?